Executive MBA in Events Management​

Why take up Executive MBA in Events Management​?

No two days are ever the same – Variety is the spice of life for Event Managers. One day you may be planning a lavish beach-themed wedding, and the next day a Trade show. Event Managers can control how wide or how narrow they want to throw their professional net. Every event you plan will be different including the approach used for clients. You will always be reinventing the wheel. Event management allows pushing yourself in the dynamic world where you can get huge exposure and an opportunity to prove yourself and set benchmarks.
You can go freelance, join an agency or work in-house – As an Event Manager, you have the choice of starting your own business, working for an event planning agency, or seeking in-house employment at a company working on its yearly calendar of events. Each career path will offer exciting possibilities. You may even find yourself swapping between freelance, agency, and in-house work throughout your career!
Growing Industry – The events industry size was valued at $1,135.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $1,552.9 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 11.2%. As per global data research, the mean salary in Event management is $62,169 whereas the higher end of it for roles at Directorate level and the likes can go beyond $1,42,270.
You can take it anywhere – Event management is a career that you can take anywhere in the world. A lot of events happen at beautiful locations. For events like award ceremonies, destination weddings, or corporate conferences, the Event Managers always get to go to new places. If you love traveling and exploring new places, then as an Event Manager, fun and fulfilling adventures will always await you. New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore – the world is your oyster with event management!
It keeps you on your toes – A career in event management will engage all of your skills and will always keep you mentally stimulated! You will need great social skills for interacting with clients, venues, guests, and suppliers. You will also need a knack for organizing, a high level of attention to detail, and love of punctuality. As an Event Manager, you will also use your imagination to create unique and beautiful events.
The extensive scope of collaboration – For the ones who thrive on meeting new people and cultivating new relationships, the Event Management industry provides immense scope. Event Planners get to interact & deal with world-class photographers, musicians, artists, comedians, chefs, and many more, apart from a wide range of clientele, through collaborative events. You will get an opportunity to build contacts for life.

Various career options for MBA in Hospitality Management

The thrilling career opportunities and sub-sectors available in event management are as follows:
Event Planner Event Manager
Venue Manager Social Media Event Co-ordinator
Marketing or Communications Manager Exhibition Organizer
Stage Decorator Logistics Manager
Brand Management Expert Brand Management Expert
Legal Marketing and Events Planner Senior Corporate Event Planner
Corporate Conference Manager Consultant
Hospitality Manager Creative Director (Events)
SUB SECTORS AVAILABLE – There areas for employment in this industry are Social, Corporate, Educational Exhibitions and Fairs, Marketing and Promotions, and Entertainment events. As a strategic leader, you will be able to continue creating positive event experiences for all the stakeholders, thereby demonstrating your initiative, resourcefulness and leadership skills.