Executive Mba In International Business

Why take up Executive MBA in International Business?

A Global Worldview/International Perspective – You can get an opportunity to travel internationally and interact with individuals and teams from different geographies, thereby gaining the invaluable experience of working in a multicultural environment. You will develop a global perspective on challenges companies face, looking at international boundaries, trade, global economics, and how to negotiate with diverse cultures, thereby broadening your worldview and helping you understand different perspectives.
Increased Business Acumen and Skills – Managing diverse teams, improving financial performance, researching international competitors, and redesigning business processes are just some examples of what you’ll learn during this course. This core knowledge is essential to the running of any business, and you will further develop your skills through specialized modules in key areas. International business students take more specialized courses and graduate with a higher level of acumen, due to taking courses that focus on these essential concepts within the context of a global economy.
Earning Prospects – As per a report by PayScale, the average salary for a graduate in International Business is $65,000 whereas, for an MBA, it is $93,000. Speaking of the highest bracket, the BLS reports an average salary of $185,850 for the C-suite of International Business, which has a scope of going even higher(in millions).
International Networking – While opportunities can arise from hard work and persistence, many arise through personal networks formed by the development of interpersonal relationships. Sometimes referred to as social capital, those with a global network are often offered jobs and various opportunities through their list of professional contacts that develop throughout their career. Those with strong networks that include both a domestic and international base are bound to have opportunities come their way – even without actively seeking them.
Improved Cultural Awareness and Global Mobility –Effective communication is critical when it comes to engaging with international stakeholders, clients, and customers from a variety of cultures. . The ability to effectively navigate the cultural norms of an unfamiliar society is important in international business, and it can mean the difference between failure and success. As an international business major, there are plenty of opportunities to travel the globe.

Various career options for MBA in International Business

Some of the exciting opportunities that would open up across industries after pursuing this degree would be:
Opportunities - Business Adviser, Sales Manager, Corporate Investment banker, Human Resources Officer, Management Consultant, Procurement Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Finance Analyst, Business Development Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Business Analytics Manager, International Brand Manager, International Trader, Financial Controller, Mediator/Arbitrator, External Auditor, and Compliance Officer
Entrepreneurial edge - There is a possibility of Entrepreneurial opportunities opening up in the Global Business context. Once you get a deep understanding of how a business operates in the global scenario, you could potentially start your own business whereby you can leverage the strength of the anomalies in the global supply chain which will give you an edge owing you your rich and diverse experience. It will help you operate trans nationally and apply all your learnings. At the end of this, you won’t just be called a Business leader, you will earn the title of an International Leader, driving reforms across the globe.