Eucléa offers all of its work-study programs. If you wish to follow a work-study program, you can pre-register online or by telephone in order to arrange an admission interview.

The advantages of work-study:

  • A significant professional experience for a future job search.
  • A possible hiring in the host company, at the end of the studies.
  • For the trainee student, free and paid training, allowing him to be financially independent.

However, we must not forget that following a work-study program means combining studies and employment. The success of work-study studies lies in the desire to maintain an identical level of requirements both in terms of performance in the company and in terms of academic results. This learning method requires a strong capacity for work as well as a strong will.


We have training advisers whose role is to help students in their search for a business. They position them on the offers of our partners according to the appetites and profiles of each.

Support includes the following services:

  • Skills assessment.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Cover letter.
  • Maintenance conduct.
  • Responses to objections.
  • Use of social networks.
  • Knowledge of different contracts.
  • Personalized coaching.

A business research technique seminar, known as TRE, is also offered to students to help them progress in their research.



Information meetings are also regularly offered by our partner companies in order to make you discover their company, their functioning as well as the positions that they may be required to offer you on a work-study basis.

Eucléa also organizes events dedicated to recruitment where job dating takes place: potential tutors come to the school to give you express interviews for their work-study positions.